un MASen PROVENCE has several alembic to meet different needs in terms of distillation volume.

Did you know ? The distillation of essential oils was invented by the Egyptians over 4,500 years ago. The current principle remains identical to that of antiquity, namely to extract the scents of the plant using steam. We therefore need water, a vase (distillation tank), a gooseneck (pipe connecting the tank to the coil) and finally a condenser.

We are really in the alchemy. We go from a liquid state to a gaseous state and return to a liquid state in a few moments.

Chemistry, of course, but not only. Here the monitoring of the distillation, beyond its technical aspects, is above all sensory. We use sight and smell to carry out all of our extractions. Indeed the "nose" is the only guide to be able to follow a complete and high quality distillation.

Here it's Gaël who sticks to it. Our founder has been working in essential oils for more than 20 years. He therefore shaped his nose as he went through his experiences….


Discover the fundamental steps in the transformation of plants into essential oils. The secrets of the distillation of perfume plants will be told to you around the alembic.

Here is a unique opportunity to "put your nose" in essential oils and to continue this olfactory discovery.

 Attend the animations, and feel the different olfactory notes extracted throughout the distillation!

Distillation events throughout the summer, every Friday from mid-June to the end of August, then depending on the harvest calendar.

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