Verbena organic 200ml - Hydrolate


 Lippia Citriodora 



Delicate and soothing scent, a must-have in times of stress 


Hydrosol or FLORAL WATER receives the "spirit" of the plant. It contains between 0.1 to 3% of the aromatic hydrophilic part of the plant. Gaël takes care to extract only the most concentrated part of the hydrosol. It will never exceed the ratio of 1 to 1. That is, one kilogram of plant will produce a maximum of 1 liter of hydrosol. 

Particular care is taken in the conservation and filtration of our hydrosols. 

Drinkable, it is advisable to keep them in the refrigerator to optimize their conservation. 

The spray of the bottle allows a use avoiding contamination & provides a precise dosage.  


Obtaining process

Complete distillation with organoleptic monitoring by steam distillation.

Botanical name

Lippia citriodora

Part of the plant ectracted


Botanical family



100% pure
100% natural
Food grade
AB certified by Ecocert
Slow Cosmetics


Verbena is grown on our land organically.
You can discover them during our guided tours.

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