Floral water Rose of May Bio 200 ml


Product : Rose water

Origin : 100% natural and local 

( produced in Eygalière, hand picked, distilled by a MAS in PROVENCE ) 

Volume : 200 ml

Misting cap


The Centifolia Rose is the rare and refined rose of Grasse. Its smell is sweeter and softer than the Damask Rose.

It is suitable for all skin types but is ideal for mature and sensitive skin.


Purifying and cleansing for the face

Provides vitamin C for the skin - toning and anti-aging effect, brightens the complexion

Softens the skin, relieves delicate skin, reduces redness

Emotional balancer - brings calm and softness


Obtaining process

Complete distillation with organoleptic monitoring by steam distillation

lavande fine

Botanical name

Lavandula angustifolia

100% natural product, our rose water contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. 

Directions for use

With a cotton pad or sprayed on the face and neck: as a lotion in the evening it perfectly completes your make-up removal and in the morning as a morning mist.

In the bath to relax.

Thanks to its 100% natural composition, you can add it to your drinks: a teaspoon in your glass of water for a soothing effect.

 Also in cooking: it offers a slightly sweet fragrance ideal in a red fruit salad, a yogurt, ice cream or even a cocktail ...



How to store my floral water?

A particular care is brought to the conservation and the filtration of our hydrolats and floral waters.

Food product, it is advisable to keep them in the refrigerator to optimize their conservation. The spray of the bottle allows a use avoiding the contaminations & brings a precise dosage.


What is a floral water?

Floral water is the liquid obtained immediately at the exit of the still before decantation (mixture of EO and HA), when plants are distilled to obtain the essential oil. We distinguish 2 phases: the water of distillation and above the essential oil.


How do we obtain a rose water?

When a plant material is distilled, whether it is leaves, flowers or others, it is crossed by steam in a still.

The steam is then cooled, which allows us to obtain two phases in the essencier.

At the exit of the alembic, in the essencier, we distinguish two superimposed phases:

The essential oil at the top because it is lighter than water. It is often light yellow in color.

Under the essential oil we find the floral water / hydrosol of milky color.

Come and meet us during a guided tour and discover all the secrets of distillation.


Process of obtaining

Complete distillation with organoleptic follow-up by steam distillation.

Botanical name

Rosa Centifolia

Part of the plant extracted


Botanical family



100% pure

100% natural

100% integral

Food quality

AB certified by Ecocert

Slow Cosmetic


South of France

You can discover our plants during our guided tours.

Part of the plant extracted

Flowering tops

Botanical family



100% pure
100% natural
Food grade
AB certified by Ecocert
Slow Cosmetics


La lavande fine est cultivée sur nos terres en BIO.
Vous pourrez les découvrir lors de nos visites guidées./

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